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Who We Are

Mobius, Inc. is an organization development firm that believes leadership solutions require transformative conversations. We collaborate as partners with our clients to get the results they and their stakeholders want. Our work is research-based, thoroughly tested, and guaranteed.

About Mobius, Inc.

Incorporated in 1991 by Marjorie Herdes and William Stockton, PhD, Mobius, Inc. has nearly thirty years of experience partnering with individuals, organizations, and communities in the Twin Cities, throughout the United States, and across the globe.

Mobius consultants work to transform complex problems and challenges into new possibilities, shared commitments, and actions that get results.

About Will Stockton

Interest in culture and human development, and specifically, the relationship between individual and culture, drew Will to the fields of cultural anthropology and developmental psychology. He initially considered a career in academia but realized instead that he was more drawn to the challenge of applying knowledge to “real” world challenges.

His curiosity about whether we, as humans, can reshape the cultures that shape us, led ultimately to the development of the Mobius Model, a research-based, step-by-step tool for facilitating culture change and leadership development using transformative conversation. He and Marjorie formed a consulting partnership in 1991. Their differing viewpoints bring a creative dynamic into their work with clients (and give them the opportunity to refine the Mobius approach in their own professional relationship).

Will studied psychology, history, and philosophy as an undergraduate, and holds a PhD in Cultural Anthropology.

About Marjorie Herdes

An emerging interest in Montessori education and humanistic psychology drew Marjorie away from her early career in political science and Arab studies. The Montessori method of combining respect for a child’s self-directed drive to learn with a rich and supportive environment provided a compelling contrast to her own negative early learning experiences. After several years as a Montessori teacher and teacher trainer, she wondered if what she had learned about child and human development could be put to use with adults.

She worked as a Quality Improvement Specialist at Honeywell before joining a consulting group that used the Mobius Model, and, eventually, entering a consulting partnership with Will. She was delighted to find the research and psychology behind the Mobius Model were consistent with her own understanding of individual and group development.

Marjorie holds a BA degree in political science and Arab studies. She is qualified in the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Spiritual Intelligence assessment, both of which provide a guide to those who wish to explore further development.

Our Inspiration

Our name takes its inspiration from the Mobius strip – named for a 20th century German mathematician. If you take a strip of paper and connect the ends to form a cylinder, there are 2 sides, forever separate and disconnected. However, if you twist the paper before connecting, something interesting happens. Though it still looks two-sided, it has actually been transformed into one continuous surface. Start tracing along one “side” and you will eventually discover there are no sides. There is one continuous surface, one connected “whole,” with the illusion of “sides.”

Mobius conversations offer this same kind of transformation. When all perspectives are brought into view, the illusion of “sides” dissolves. Real and actionable solutions that satisfy and represent all stakeholders can then be recognized. Solutions are not forced, they are discovered. Collaboratively. Powerfully. Inclusively. This inspires us.


We facilitate specific, skilled, transformative conversations that lead to unique, customized, and satisfying results. In thirty years of practice, we have worked with groups of all sizes – from as few as two to as many as a thousand. Our consulting experience, coupled with convincing research, has led us to two conclusions that form the foundation of all the services we offer:


What we do at Mobius is unique in many ways, including our promise, and our process. Here are some of the things that set us apart.

The way we work. Collaborating as partners committed to getting the results you and your stakeholders want. Read More

The tools we use. User friendly, research-based, and well tested. Read More

The solutions we create. Tailored to your unique challenges, grounded in the strengths of your people, aligned with your cultural values. Read More

Our Promise

We believe that skilled conversation is a leader’s most powerful tool. We are so convinced about the power of transformative conversation that we guarantee results. When you contract with Mobius, we work with you and your stakeholders until we get the results that we have all agreed to.

Our Process

We begin with a series of transformative conversations to define the challenge and create a shared vision for result...

We reach a decision...

Then we craft a proposal...

And the work begins...

The Mobius Approach

At Mobius, Inc., we are fascinated by the potential of transformative conversations for leadership and culture change, a topic of growing interest. A publication in the Harvard Business Review recently argued that:

Traditional corporate communication must give way to a process that is more dynamic and more sophisticated. Most important, that process must be conversational https://hbr.org/2012/06/leadership-is-a-conversation

But most of us already have conversations all day every day. So, what makes a conversation transformative? The short answer is results. Transformative conversations redefine challenges and produce innovative responses that lead to shared commitments and satisfying solutions.

A Favorite Analogy

The Magic Eye

What’s it like to be a part of a Mobius leadership conversation? We like to use the popular Magic Eye pictures (or stereograms) as a comparison. Stereograms are pictures with a 3D image hidden inside. At first look, you probably see an unremarkable, two-dimensional image like this one to the right:

However, when you allow your gaze to soften and refocus, an entirely different, usually unexpected, and much more interesting image will “pop” into view.

A horse and rider are hidden in the image. Can you see it? (Check out magiceye.com for more examples and tips for viewing.)

Here are three ways Magic Eye images remind us of Mobius conversations:

The transformation resulting from a true Mobius conversation has a “Whoa! That’s amazing!” quality to it too. But not until you experience it for yourself. If you have stakeholders not speaking to one another, old timers refusing to budge, new hires who won’t listen, then transformative conversation may sound great, but…whatever.

Our thirty years of experience partnering with leaders and their stakeholders have shown us that the hidden opportunity is always there even when we can’t see it. When the layering of all stakeholder perspectives meets the willing gaze of a Mobius conversation, personalized, effective, and unexpected solutions will emerge every time. We confidently see your eyeroll and raise you a horse and rider.


In thirty years of practice we have worked with university presidents, team managers, department directors, union leaders, executive teams, city planners, and many more. Simply put, we work with groups of all sizes and anyone experiencing a leadership challenge - from as few as two to as many as one thousand.

Whatever your leadership challenge, we have the experience and know-how to collaborate as partners with you and your stakeholders. Together we can transform complex problems and challenges into new possibilities, shared commitments, and actions that get results. Our work is research-based, thoroughly tested, and guaranteed.

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