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We could not be happier with our relationship with Mobius during the city's visioning process. Our community began a most unusual journey many months ago to use appreciative inquiry to set a vision for an entire city of some 45,000 people. We have learned much from this and have begun to change the very way people view government in St. Louis Park. It was very comforting to have Will and Marjorie by our side as we embarked on this. They have been just great.
-Mayor St. Louis Park-

Mobius, Inc. Consultants, Will and Marjorie, have worked with me and other members of the City staff for the past year to design and implement Vision St. Louis Park 2006.

I have appreciated their wisdom and experience as guides for the process and would recommend them to any city looking for consultant support for community-wide visioning.

- Tom Harmening, City Manager, City of St. Louis Park, MN –

I want to thank you (Mobius, Inc.) for facilitating the St. Louis Park Public Works Department Strategic Planning process during 2003. Besides helping us develop and implement the department’s first strategic plan, you also helped us create a prioritization methodology for dealing with department workload issues. The process you utilized involved all the employees in our department in an effective, efficient, and respectful manner. Employee morale, interactions, and relationships improved in our department during this process and continue to improve as a result of that effort. The end result of our planning effort was ownership of our Strategic Plan by department employees with accountability measures incorporated into its implementation. The strategic plan and prioritization methodology you helped us develop are in use today and continue to help guide department staff so they may focus on what is truly important to our Public Works Department; not to mention the employee working relationships and morale keep improving in the department!!

Michael P. Rardin, PE
Director of Public Works
City of St. Louis Park

We finished the Mobius (MMI) program in Indianapolis last week. We are able to focus team development in a way that adds value to all levels of the organization.  I also feel that, by the nature of the process, people are learning how to listen for understanding while they continue to have conversations about possible next steps.

Thank you for your help in getting this introduced into Liberty. 

As an aside, I used the Mobius approach to facilitation to lead a meeting intended to help my neighborhood association move past some obstacles that were keeping the group from formally organizing and setting direction.  It worked!  By the end of the meeting, all committed to participating in developing a formal organization to encourage communication and social interaction.
Edward W. Cleary
Training Consultant
Fortune 500 Insurance Company I/S Training & Development

As the chief operating officer of a complex organization with 423 locals and 70,000 members, several hundred leaders and nearly 150 employees the idea that a process existed that could move challenging problems to solutions virtually everyone found agreeable seemed improbable. But that is exactly what the MOBIUS Model promised and delivered. Will and Marjorie have a commitment, style and determination that not only makes the MOBIUS Model work it produces actionable results. I was a skeptic but in need of a way to deal with some intractable issues. The MOBIUS Model and Will and Marjorie provided a way to get agreement as well as essential closure and a path to follow. And everyone feels good about what is being done. It was well worth the investment in time and resources.
COO State Teachers Union

I really appreciate the contributions that both of you have made in helping Education Minnesota become a more responsive and meaningful organization for its members.

"I want to take this opportunity to send you the photographs from the two day whole systems dialogue between the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Orange County Chapter of the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and at the same time to tell you how successful we feel the program with Mobius has been...Everyone involved with the project is enthusiastic about the new tools we are learning to use in seeking win-win solutions in an environment requiring mutual understanding rather than adversarial polarization. Partnering is definitely equipping our industry to better address the problems we face, and the Mobius leadership in getting the partnering process in motion has been invaluable. We could not have gotten here without your skillful facilitation."
Steve Brown, Manager, National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA )

"Very good! Very Uniting! Educating. I really felt a part of decisions made."
IBEW member

"I had a great time, learned a lot of useful things I'll need in the future. I hope I'll get involved in more meetings like this one."
IBEW member

"The organization of the meeting was a great way to give everyone a chance to have his views heard. Some ideas seemed rather nebulous. I think this meeting was very worthwhile."
IBEW member

"Our recently expanded group needed help in developing a way to work more closely together as a team. We needed a way to bring up difficult personal questions which were not being addressed openly. Using the Mobius Model Instrument and with the help of The Mobius Group as facilitators we were able to address questions which had been avoided and lay the groundwork to improve communication within the group. The instrument provided the opportunity for team members see together what was important to them and it helped establish future goals and a process to achieve them. The facilitation sessions brought up some difficult subjects which the Mobius Group helped us work through in a respectful and open manner. The experience has brought our team closer together. Thank you again for your time and expertise."
Manager, Medtronic

“Mobius has been an integral part of my development as a leader and a professional. Through my work with them, I learned strategies for using my strengths and complementing my other skills in ways that can lead to group success. I use the Mobius Model as a foundation for understanding the needs of various situations I encounter. Most valuable is Mobius’ emphasis on achieving understanding and consensus. All things flow from that beginning point. “

“Mobius is a part of my development as a leader and professional. Their work with me enabled me to make a professional transition and foster greater community support for work I was doing in the community. Through my work with them, I gained tremendous insight into myself, both my strengths and weaknesses, and into fostering healthy, open communication in individual and group settings. This has led to remarkable successes with the people and communities with whom I work. “
Director University of Minnesota, attorney, recipient of the Humphrey community leadership award, Founder and Board Member Charter School

"Thanks very much for your thoughtful preparation, careful implementation and generous hospitality over the past several months with this "advanced" session on the model. I especially appreciate your willingness to share the model in the spirit of continual discovery - that alone speaks to your integrity in this field of organizational and individual development."
Director of Organization Development, large metropolitan healthcare system

"Your work with the staff this year, has been every bit as impressive as that provided two years ago. Because I work in the same building as the program, I have had an opportunity to receive ongoing feedback from staff members from all levels with the organization. The feedback has been extremely positive.

Coworkers who have not spoken to each other for years are now speaking on a regular basis. Long-term employees who have not participated in group activities during recent years, are not assisting with group efforts whenever appropriate. Long -term festering issues have surfaced been dealt with and resolved. You have provided the means with which individuals can communicate difficult subjects as well as avenues for honest feedback among coworkers which has resulted in stress reduction and improved morale."
Director of Instruction, Elementary/Secondary, large metropolitan school district

"…thanks to you for presenting at the City Engineers annual conference. The session worked very well and the response was excellent. I’m glad that there was enough time for questions and comments form each of you and from the audience. Having the principles applied to the city engineering sector in the City of Minneapolis also served to heighten the connection to the conference participants."
Program Director

"We deeply appreciate your guidance as a consultant team enabling the department to change its way of doing business. The Department is now better able to work on quality, utilizing its employees, and to encompass the needs of its customers."
Deputy City Engineer, Public Works Department

· Your professional guidance has helped us effectively focus on our future.
· Your listening and feedback has enabled us to better understand ourselves.
· Your understanding of our “culture” has been appreciated by all of us.
· Your interaction with stakeholders has improved relations with all of the people we serve.
City Engineer - Director of Public Works, large metropolitan city

"I just wanted to say (the large scale meeting) was cumbersome, frustrating, slow, passionate with suspicion, fear anger, alarming and frightening, but it was GRAND and full of promise too. Thank-you so very, very much for awakening my dream-child, my fondest hope. Thank-you and God bless."
Participant in a community-wide dialogue

"After meeting for seven days over five months, 80 people gathered Wednesday in the Anoka-Hennepin School District to talk about how to fix problems with EBD, and what they discussed was more hard work.

And they were ebullient about it.

I feel very good , said Walt Munsterman, a participant who is president of the district teacher's union. I've been in the district over 30 years, and this is the first time I've seen a group become committed and stick through a task."
Star Tribune newspaper

"I thought I knew what the problem was that I wanted to fix. You helped me ask the right questions and uncover the real issues. That's what made the difference"
Broker, Dain-Bosworth

"Your coaching enabled me to deal with more complex client situations which has resulted in a significant expansion of my consulting practice."
Management consultant

"Marjorie Herdes and Will Stockton have been a great help in understanding and sorting out my priorities. Mobius has provided me with new, alternative options which will be of value to Honeywell and me. I recommend Mobius to others without hesitation."
Executive, Honeywell

" are a wonderful team. They've been great at helping me extract myself from career dilemmas, and turn them into opportunities."
Executive, Control Data

" listen, you care you share, and you've given me the "model" - Life has changed for me!"
Management consultant


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