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Mobius Inc. services are designed in response to client opportunities and challenges.

Our Process:

  • Click here for SlidewhowWe meet with potential clients to explore whether we are a good fit for their needs. We take whatever time is necessary because we believe in developing real partnership with our clients.
  • We will request to meet with the key stakeholders who must commit for the project to be successful. With our support the key stakeholders define measurable project outcomes/results. For fully satisfying, sustainable change, all the key players must see the value of taking on the challenge.
  • When there is agreement to outcomes and the key stakeholders have agreed they want to commit their time and the necessary resources, we provide an accurate cost estimate and plan. If we cannot facilitate agreement to outcomes there is no cost to the client for the time spent exploring possible project results
  • Our proposal includes project results, cost and the actions required for the desired outcomes. Once approved, we work as full partners to get the results. (click on “clients” for stories and results and “testimonials” for client comments)

Our services may include:

Marjorie Herdes - Spiritual Intelligence (click to open)





Executive Coaching

Visioning and Planning

Large-Scale Change

Union-Management Collaboration


  • Mobius Facilitator Training
  • Mobius Model Instrument certification
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
  • Integration of the MBTI and the Mobius Model

Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence Assessments and Guidance
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