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MMI GroupThe Mobius Model Instrument™
The Mobius Model Instrument™ (MMI) helps groups assess the effectiveness of their relationships and identify areas for development.  Based on the belief that members themselves can best assess their team and take action to improve it, data from the MMI is provided as a springboard for collaborative conversations.  MMI data is a reflection of the group’s view of itself; it is not a report of what outside “experts” think about the team.  It provides an “inside out” rather than an “outside in” view.

Description of the Mobius Model Instrument:

The items assessed by the Instrument are formulated to reflect one of the six qualities of relationship defined by the Mobius Model; Mutual Understanding, Possibility, Commitment, Capability, Responsibility and Acknowledgement.  There are six questions for each Mobius quality; 36 questions in the Instrument.

Group members make two ratings for each item on the MMI, frequency and importance.  On a four-point scale to the left of each item, respondents make a rating of Frequency (“For this group, how often is it true that_______”).  On a four-point scale to the right of each item, respondents rate Importance (“For the success of this group, how important is it that_______”).  A Group and Individual Report is generated from the completed instruments.  The report compares the frequencyand importance ratings for both the whole group and for each individual.  The report also indicates the areas of greatest satisfaction, least satisfaction and differences of opinion. 

MMI Results in Team Development:

The Mobius Model Instrument™ is intended for use by trained facilitators, who

  • Have an understanding of the Mobius Model and its relevance to group development.
  • Know how to administer and interpret the Instrument.
  • Are able to facilitate the conversation about results. 

Training to prepare professionals to use the Instrument is provided by the MMI Group. 

The Group and Individual Report is designed to guide the facilitated team dialogue about the results.  In the report, group results are presented first, followed by individual results.  Group results are considered by the whole group together, but each member is given time to privately look at their own results in light of the group dialogue.  All members have an opportunity to share what they choose from their own results before the group decides on priorities for development.



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