William & Marjorie


Will Stockton, Ph.D. and Marjorie Herdes founded Mobius, Inc.; Partners for Strategic Change, a Minneapolis based firm, in 1991.

Will is the creator of the MOBIUS MODEL™, and has facilitated collaboration and development in multi-national companies, non-profit organizations and the public sector for over 25 years. He is a cultural anthropologist by training and brings that perspective to the organization change process. Will is a partner in the MMI Group, LLC which provides tools and materials to support Mobius users. He taught for ten years at the University of Minnesota, conducted field research on culture conflict, and has published and taught in the areas of human development, education and health care. He also provides leadership in the implementation of the MOBIUS MODEL™ in the work of the Well-Family Clinic, which provides counseling and therapy services to families.

Marjorie worked as a Quality Improvement Specialist at Honeywell, Inc. before becoming an independent organization development consultant in 1989. Her background is international politics and education. She has a passion for large-scale dialogue and provides leadership in the application of the Mobius Model™ for the facilitation of whole systems change. Marjorie is also a partner in the MMI Group, LLC, and guided the design and development of training for the use of the Mobius Model Instrument™ (MMI).

Marjorie is qualified to administer Emotional Intelligence and Spiritual Intelligence assessments and provide guidance to those who wish to explore further development.

Marjorie and Will with their partners in the MMI Group, LLC are the authors of The Mobius Model; A Guide for Developing Effective Relationships in Groups, Teams and Organizations

03.01.03 “William Stockton & Marjorie Herdes named OD practitioners of the year by Minnesota Organization Development Network (MNODN). Select a PDF to learn more:

PDF FileWilliam Stockton and Marjorie Herdes named OD Practitioners of the year by MNODN

PDF FileInterview with Marjorie Herdes and William Stockton: Practitioners of the Year


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