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MMIMobius Model Instrument™

Self-Assessment for Groups

The Mobius Model Instrument™ (MMI) allows teams and groups to conduct their own assessment, and to come to agreement about how they want to develop. Organization development professionals find that using the MMI is an excellent way to facilitate commitment to team goals and values and identify appropriate resources. Training to facilitate the MMI process is available for internal and external development professionals.

The [Mobius Model] instrument provided the opportunity for team members to see together what was important to them and it helped establish future goals and a process to achieve them. The facilitation sessions brought up some difficult subjects which the Mobius Group helped us work through in a respectful and open manner. The experience has brought our team closer together

Manager, Medtronic

We finished the Mobius (MMI) program in Indianapolis last week. We are able to focus team development in a way that adds value to all levels of the organization.  I also feel that, by the nature of the process, people are learning how to listen for understanding while they continue to have conversations about possible next steps.

Thank you for your help in getting this introduced into Liberty. 

As an aside, I used the Mobius approach to facilitation to lead a meeting intended to help my neighborhood association move past some obstacles that were keeping the group from formally organizing and setting direction.  It worked!  By the end of the meeting, all committed to participating in developing a formal organization to encourage communication and social interaction.

Edward W. Cleary
Training Consultant
Liberty Mutual I/S Training & Development


The Mobius Model Instrument™:
The tool that lets groups of people decide for themselves what’s working,
what isn’t, what’s possible, and what to do about it.


Gaps between importance and frequency point to opportunities for development.

Average ratings of importance and frequency are shown side by side.

Mobius trained facilitators lead the MMI feedback dialogue to maximize the results and satisfaction for any kind of group or team.
This action-oriented group:

  • Recognized that they were not satisfied with the results they were getting because they didn’t have shared goals.
  • Created shared goals and priorities.
  • Invented ways to ensure accountability for results.

If you would like to attend the next MMI training session, visit our MMI Training page.


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