Mobius Services

Lead groups to develop vision-driven commitment to action

Join your peers for a 3 day workshop designed to give you tools and techniques that will improve the success of the groups and organizations you lead.
Learn to use the Mobius Model™ as a Guide for Leadership and Facilitation (2.5 days). Enable groups to:    
  • Develop mutual understanding and new possibilities in the face of conflict
  • Commit to shared measures of success
  • Build on members' differing strengths to execute shared commitments
Learn about the Mobius Model Instrument (.5 day)- a tool for group members to: 
  • Recognize and celebrate what they already do well
  • Create a high-performance team vision and a plan for action
Bring your personal and professional challenges and explore new ways of understanding and leading groups.
Workshop participants will receive: 
  1. The book The Mobius Model: A Guide for Developing Effective Relationships in Groups, Teams and Organizations, L. Demarest, PhD. M. Herdes, W. Stockton, PhD. and J. Stockton, PhD
  2. The "Mobius Model Facilitator Training Notebook"
  3. The "Mobius Model Instrument (MMI) Facilitators Manual"
  4. Mobius Model PowerPoint presentation
  5. Meals and refreshments all three days


William Stockton, PhD. Mobius, Inc. Co-president is a cultural anthropologist who has facilitated the discovery of new possibilities and shared commitment in groups and organizations for over 35 years. He developed the Mobius Model as a guide for his practice and, with his partner Marjorie Herdes, designed this training as a way to pass on what they have learned in their 23 years together as leadership and development consultants.

Marjorie Herdes, Mobius, Inc. Co-president has been an educator, trainer and facilitator of human development for 25 years. She has provided leadership in developing applications of the Mobius Model to large-scale dialogues for organization and community development.

When: April 22-24,2014, 8:30-4:30


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