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Selected Mobius, Inc. Clients and Examples of Services Provided


Challenge: The United Kingdom committed to make a radical shift in their Social Care policies nationwide in 2008. Each Authority (county) was asked to engage itís citizens in defining the services most required for their community. Social Care leadership was committed to citizen engagement but unclear and unskilled in how to do it effectively. Mobius, Inc. was engaged for two years in the UK facilitating large-scale community dialogues between providers and citizens to define clear priorities for Social Care going forward.

Actions: Mobius, Inc. in partnership with Mobius, UK prepared the Social Service leadership and all the participants; social care staff, services users and those who care for service users to participate in a day long dialogue to come to a shared understanding, vision and commitment to social care priorities for their community.

Results: Leadership and staff said it was a profoundly moving experience to listen to clients with an open heart and mind. Clients said long standing issues were resolved and that they felt truly understood and in partnership with the providers as they committed to work together to implement their community vision for social services.


Challenge: In 1995 the City conducted a vision process that included a few hundred people and produced results beyond anyone’s expectations. In 2005 the City decided to renew the vision using an Appreciative process that they hope will involve as many of the 44,000 residents and 44,000 workers as possible in conversations about the future of the City. The process will culminate in two City-Wide Summits in February 2006.

Action: Mobius Inc. is the consultant partner to the City to design and facilitate the process.

Results: For ongoing updates visit the Vision St. Louis Park website.


Challenge: Newly acquired technical services division with very heavy workload and many young and diverse new hires wanted broad participation to identify and commit to priorities throughout the organization.

Action: Mobius Model Instrument (MMI) was administered to 16 teams. Each team identified priorities which were brought to management in an all-hands meeting.

Result: Management was surprised by the positive nature of the recommendations, endorsed the priorities and committed to begin action planning. Liberty Mutual has decided to use the MMI throughout the organization.


Challenge: Resistance to the introduction of a new team structure into a business unit resulted in disagreement between 30 team leaders and managers.

Action: Mobius, Inc. designed and facilitated a half-day meeting with the 30 stakeholders to come to agreement.

Result: All participants agreed to a structure, implementation plan and evaluation process.


Challenge: Technically outstanding manager with limited people skills wanted to lead restructuring in her department to integrate previously separate units.

Action: Mobius, Inc. coached the manager to define and achieve her professional development goals, and to design the restructuring initiative.

Result: Widely acknowledged improvement in leadership skills for the manager, who successfully led the large-scale change initiative with the support and facilitation of Mobius, Inc.

Result: Mobius, Inc. was added to the Honeywell list of "Coaching Cadre" - preferred coaches.


Challenge: Executive team of a marketing division was not working together effectively.

Action: Mobius, Inc. led a four-day teambuilding experience in the BWCA wilderness with support from Outward Bound.

Result: Emergence of key conflicts that led to a restructuring of the leadership team, and improved team effectiveness and communication skills.


Challenge: Ongoing conflict between technology department leader and his team.

Action: Mobius, Inc. provided training in the MOBIUS MODELTM and MBTI to create a shared vocabulary and technique for using differences as assets.

Results: Differences were surfaced, old issues resolved and new norms established.


Challenge: Director of Human Resources wanted executive coaching for two of the vice presidents on the senior management team.

Action: Mobius, Inc. met with the individuals to develop goals to which they, the HR Director, and Mobius could commit.

Result: Developmental goals were achieved and one of the individuals asked Mobius, Inc. to facilitate teambuilding with his senior management team.


Challenge: The CEO and leadership team of this high-tech manufacturing firm committed to a fast-paced growth strategy. The CEO thought that the way his current team operated would inhibit success, and believed an adventure-based experience would facilitate change.

Action: Mobius, Inc., with support from Outward Bound, led a one-week team development experience in the BWCA designed to leave past conflicts behind and create commitment to success.


Challenge: The new Chief City Engineer, brought in from out of state, exacerbated existing conflicts within the Department. The department was viewed by its stakeholders as a group of independent fiefdoms.

Action: Mobius, Inc. coached the director and led teambuilding.

Result: Agreement to processes for planning, conflict resolution and decision making.

Result: Request from the management team to guide the annual strategic planning process.

Challenge: Public Works Department caught in crossfire between the City Council and the thirteen unions within the department.

Action: Mobius, Inc. facilitated of the strategic planning process, including the commitment of all key stakeholders.

Result: Annual strategic plan approved with full support of the City Council, the unions and the members of the department.

IBEW Local 441 and NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association), Orange County Chapter, Orange, CA

Challenge: Adversarial relationship between union and contractors contributed to loss of market share and member benefits.

Action: Mobius, Inc. facilitated the development of a "partnering" relationship between the two organizations and their membership, including conducting large-scale meetings with IBEW members and members of the contractors' organizations.

Result: Significant increase in market share and member morale. Mobius, Inc. was asked to facilitate commitment of the two organizations to improved training for IBEW members.

Result: New facilities co-financed, built and staffed.

Result: Mobius, Inc. asked to support collaboration to develop the union "limited energy" (high tech) electrical industry.

Result: Mobius, Inc. continues to provide ongoing support for development initiatives five years later.


Challenge: Leader of a high-functioning, 20-member design unit in the marketing division wanted his young team to develop their capacity to communicate more effectively and build on each other's creativity. He requested that the Mobius ModelTM be introduced and integrated with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).

Action: Mobius, Inc. provided a team development workshop to introduce the Mobius ModelTM and the MBTI as a way to understand the creative use of differences.

Result: Long-standing issues with the leader surfaced and were resolved, and a new, creative approach to conflict was agreed to and adopted.

United Kingdom Social Services

Challenge: The national government issued a mandate that all social services needed to be revised to provide more "choice and control" for the consumer. The caveat was added that each authority (county) should confer with their citizens to determine what the new services would look like in their particular area. The directors for adult social services throughout England were at a loss about how to effectively engage their citizens in setting priorities.

Action: Mobius consultants in the US and UK facilitated community-wide, large-scale, multi-stakeholder dialogues throughout England, 2008-2010.

Result: collaborative and positive engagement of users of social services, staff, administrators and citizens in setting mutually agreed upon priorities for service. Plans for bringing in providers and politicians into the dialogue were cut short with the world wide recession.

MBTI Training and Related Professional Presentations

1994 Great Lakes Regional Conference, OH and,

1995 Association of Psychological Type (APT) International Conference, AZ

  • 2-day workshop: "Releasing the Grip; Coaching for Development"

1996 & 1997 Oxford Psychologist Press (OPP), Oxford, England

  • 1-day workshop: "Transforming Trouble: The Gifts of Differing"
  • 2-day workshop: "Large-Scale Change: Designing and FacilitatingCritical Mass Interventions"
  • 1-day workshop: "Creative Dialogue"

1999 APT International Conference, AZ

  • Workshop: "Integrating Type in Coaching the Millennium Leader: using

1999 Center for the Application of Psychological Type (CAPT) Leadership

  • Conference, Washington, D.C.
    Workshop: "Type and Executive Development"

2001 APT International Conference, MN

  • Workshop: "Transforming Identity Games"

2004 HRD Conference, University of Minnesota

  • Workshop: "The Mobius ModelTM as a guide for Strategic Planning"

2004 Toronto, Canada - July 21-25, 2004

  • "Healing Relationships and Type Development"
  • "Integrating Type and The Mobius ModelTM"


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